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 Buffett Senior Healthcare Corp. - ETPAD Field Producer Testimonials 

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For this Division of Buffett Senior Healthcare Corp., it is imperative that you read this website to avoid the phenomenon of "selective reading", thus leading to confusion regarding the requirements of the position. Doing this will make your interview process much more meaningful to you, as not doing this will likely disqualify you from being offered a position.  


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The written testimony showing on the below link has been made by Scott Stumpe 7 months after joining Buffett

Scott Stumpe (IL)


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"The preset appointments offered by BSH allowed me to generate a near six figure income in my first 12 months on staff"

CLD (Austin, TX)

"The main reason that I have stayed with BSH is the opportunity to be on the ground floor of something very special, an opportunity that only comes once in a lifetime"

"I was in sales before Buffett Senior Healthcare, but nothing to do with insurance"

                                                                                                     MCR (Tupelo, MS)

"There is so much success offered through BSH that everyone is racing for their part of our future"

   NRM (Sioux Falls, SD)

"I have been in outside sales for the past 17 years and I strongly believe there is no better place than BSH for a fulfilling career"

LVD (Toledo, OH)

"These individuals do not make it long with BSH unless they become trainable"

BWR (Charlotte, NC)

"...suck up your ego, forget whatever you think you know, and accept that your way will not work with BSH or else we would be doing it that way."

BCM (Amarillo, TX)

"This is a career that can provide you with tremendous financial security and a very high income once you have overcome your initial learning curve. Stick with it!!!"

ELG (Southern Illinois)

"I was in a position where my earnings were stagnant. That was when i knew it was time for a change."

FLH (Bloomington, IN) 

"To me, the most attractive part of BSH is that our market is not affected by changes in the economy, so neither are our jobs!"

BDA (Las Vegas, NV) 

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