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Say Goodbye To Cold Calls:

The sales and marketing industry can make you the big bucks, but your first obstacle is making those awkward calls. What if we told you no more cold calls ever again?!

Buffett Senior Healthcare Ripoff:

 Numbers don't lie. Numbers backs all Buffett Senior Healthcare®statements and promises. Numbers don’t lie. Buffett doesn’t lie. Buffett Senior Healthcare®was founded on integrity, honesty, and numerical facts...

Buffett Senior Healthcare Review

If you are looking for an honest review about Buffett Senior Healthcare®, well then, you have come to the right place. I have worked for Buffett Senior Healthcare®for over 4 years and I can tell you what is actually going on.

Buffett Senior Healthcare Job Review:

Do you want a real Buffett Senior Healthcare® Job Review? Let me tell you, the payoff is real, the job is real, the perks are real. This is the genuine Buffett Senior Healthcare®Job Review. I cannot say enough: Your best friend is...

Buffett Senior Healthcare Interview:

Buffett Senior Healthcare®wants to ensure your experience with our interview process is as detailed and thorough as possible. Like we say many times on our website, not everyone is right for our sales consultant positions. We only take the best of the best. Also to ensure your interview process is very meaningful; let us take some time to explain the process in a little more detail.

Buffett Senior Healthcare Fraud:

Secure Job, Secure life

Buffett Senior Healthcare®. One of the few companies never affected by the fluctuating economy. Get on board. What's the Buffett Senior Healthcare® Fraud?   

The BSH Opportunity:

If you read articles online about Buffett Senior Healthcare®you learned that working as a consultant/sales associate for Buffett Senior Healthcare®is a stable and profitable job. No matter where the economy is, you are always earning money. You can provide for your family, mortgage, car payment, student loans, leisure travel and much much more. Don't you want this kind of security?

Buffett Senior Healthcare Complaints:

Do you wish you could be a little more brave and trust yourself more in your professional career? Maybe take a leap of faith. If you look at the millionaires around whether in the technology, media, insurance, or car industry, they are all risk takers. These millionaires believe in themselves and take action on their dreams.


Dallas, TX - Dallas Business Journal Press Release - May 10, 2017 (3 total):

BSH Approves Launch of More Zip-Lead Divisions since Opening Their First Only a Month Earlier

Market Watch Press Release

Seeking Alpha Business Market News

Richardson, TX, 2017 Yahoo Finance - 1st of 583rd journalists as of April, 20 2017:

Buffett Senior Healthcare® Opens New Zip-Lead Division

Wall Street Journal & Dallas Business Journal

Los Angeles, 2014 & 2015 PR Newswire Release:

Sales Marketing Training Academy, Ltd. (SMTA) Provides Altruistic Scholarship Program to Veterans of U.S. Armed Forces

June 19, 2013 Wall Street Journal:

Sales Marketing Training Academy (SMTA) Engages In Training Accreditation Agreement With Buffett Senior Healthcare®

May 29, 2013 Yahoo! ® Finance :

Buffett Senior Healthcare Corporation Announces New Relationship With Independent Training Company In St. Louis, Missouri

April 24, 2013 PRNewswire :

Buffett Senior Healthcare® (BSH) Seeking to Reconnect With Highest Qualified Candidates Previously Unable To Accept Offered Positions

June 25, 2012 American City Business Journals (ACBJ) :

Buffett Senior Healthcare (BSH) Reveals Plans for Early Launch of Additional Sales Distributions and Marketing Channels

June 18, 2012 Reuters® :

Buffett Senior Healthcare (BSH) Announces 1st Quarter Sales Far Exceed Forcasted Estimates

January 24, 2012 Reuters® :

Buffett Senior Healthcare 2012 Further Baby-Boomer Market Expansion

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Buffett Senior Healthcare®

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