Does BSH have contests and convention trips?


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    Does BSH hold contests and convention trips? 

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    Buffett Senior Healthcare Corp. provides countless opportunities for associates to compete for weekly, monthly, and quarterly production contests with awards ranging from cash bonuses and gas cards to all-inclusive paid family vacations and golf retreats... even opportunities for top producers to win brand new $50,000+ luxury cars and SUVs!

    At least once a year, BSH associates are also offered production-based Team-building trips, where all qualified associates will take excursions with the other qualified members on their Team to exciting locations throughout the United States. These are fun trips!!

    Every year, BSH invites all exclusive territory associates and their significant others to attend our company-wide Annual Convention trip. In addition, associates can qualify based on their production for first-class flights and presidential accommodations, limo transportation, seats at the head executive table, HUGE cash bonuses... just to name a few! Higher-level achieving associates are provided awards and trophies during our convention dinner in recognition for their outstanding efforts and sales production.

    BSH Conventions are always held at luxurious locations. Next year locations for our Annual Convention are currently being decided upon between vacation spots such as Europe, South America, Mexico, Las Vegas, Hawaii, and the Caribbean!

    *May 10th. & May 31st. 2018 Veterans & Military Employment Fairs (GA):

    Tremendous turn out for our Veteran Job Fair in Georgia! We are proud to be involved in such events in support of our veterans and troops!

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