What is so unique about the Exclusive Territory Preset Appointment Division (ETPAD) ?

Buffett Senior Healthcare® is driven to challenge the norm, to be above all else, to innovate, to take things beyond where they've been. We don't let the marketplace define us. We define the marketplace. (click here for more info)

"The winners in life think constantly in terms of I can, I will, and I am. Losers, on the other hand, concentrate their waking thoughts on what they should have or would have done, or what they can't do."  – Dennis Waitley 


"You are entitled to your opinion.You are entitled to your informed opinion. No one is entitle to be ignorant."   

Note: Read 100% of this website before applying for a position in the Buffett ETPAD (Exclusive Territory Preset Appointment Division)

 Buffett Senior Healthcare Corp. (BSH) is a worldwide healthcare marketing firm. Buffett Senior Healthcare® is a privately held company (not publically traded). They are held by a number of reputable and highly experienced investor capitalists comprising their Board of Directors and representing each of the six countries worldwide in which it operates. Over the years BSH has deleloped a revolutionary marketing organization that is on the leading edge of the future in senior market healthcare sales in the United States. As of 1/2016, BSH is backed by the wealth of $120,000,000,000 (billion) from several top Fortune 500 companies, in which they have contractual agreements. They have engaged in these agreements to grow their product distributions starting with their nationwide marketing of their Medicare supplemental benefit products in all fifty states. With focus on the senior citizen population, BSH is targeting the heavily growing baby-boomer market. This market is literally increasing in numbers by more than 11,000 (eleven-thousand) new Medicare recipients every day! Thus, it is of no surprise that in just the short time since BSH was founded, they are already among the highest senior market product distributions in the nation, well above forecasted expectations. Furthermore, BSH has internal private investors, which require them to be held accountable to focus on only hiring the right individuals for each available position within their organization. As proven during 2017, this has markedly lessened their employee turnover and maximized producer sales volume.

A position with Buffett Senior Healthcare® in the ETPAD as described throughout this particular website is...



If hired for a position with us, our sales associates receive a starting weekly Base Pay for their first 4 weeks on staff during their "learning curve" training period while still earning full commission on all products they sell. In addition, from week one, all associates have the benefit of qualifying for weekly Expense Pay up to $500.00 per week, having provided their week's business expense receipts. Moreover, once a new associate in the Buffett ETPAD has completed their entire product portfolio training (usually no more than 180 days / 6-mos), they then receive a $15,000.00 (fifteen thousand dollar) bonus check! 

After an associate has mastered our primary products, all associates have the option of entering higher level training to learn BSH's additional products, such as underage health and life products, Long Term Care, and financial service products (i.e. Annuities).

To avoid the need to rely on cold-calling, lead generation, and prospecting each week to earn a living, as is commonplace with most competitor firms, all BSH associates' starting from Day One after their initial classroom training are provided with 3-4 daily preset appointments.

These appointments are made of the following quality in the following fashion:

  • Prospect responds via internet with interest in our type services and/or receives information by mail regarding our type of services. 
  • Prospect is called by BSH and sets an appointment for our associate to see them the next day with the prospect knowing their first and last name, what they are providing, what time they will be at their home the following day, and is qualified to purchase at least one of our products.
  • Prospect is again called back within 30 minutes by a supervisor for verification. This call is to verify the accuracy of all the above and confirm their interest in our services, that the prospect still wants to keep their appointment with our associate, their age, name, health, time of appointment, prospect's address (including direction specifics), and re-confirms again that they understand who we are and what our associate will be providing them the next day when he/she arrives for their appointment.
  • Prior to posting an appointment to our associate's account, the recordings of both calls are then disseminated to our Quality Assurance Department whose only job is to listen to all that was said during the setting and verification calls of the appointment to ensure it is of the highest practical quality.
  • Every evening our associates log into their account, provide their password, and see their entire day already fully planned for them to go out in the field so they may spend their week selling versus wasting most of their week trying to set appointments for themselves.

 * Our senior market sales are not affected by the economy whatsoever. For more information on this benefit of our marketing organization, continue to read the remainder of this website in FULL detail.

 * Our organization provides all Sales Associates with renewal / residual income from each sale they make. This allows our associates to build a large base of former sales that will continue to pay them ongoing residual income month after month as they continue to stack monthly sales upon monthly sales. For more information on this benefit of our marketing organization, continue to read the remainder of this website in FULL detail.  

 * In addition, Sales Associates have the option of entering company-paid management training in as little as only two months with Buffett Senior Healthcare®, as we continue to expand across the nation to fill more and more new positions to satisfy the ever-rising demand for our products from the continually growing senior citizen baby-boomer generation! For more information on this benefit of our marketing organization, continue to read the remainder of this website in FULL detail.


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