Zip-Lead Divisions - The Other 14 Sales Divisions of Buffett Senior Healthcare Corp.


This section will be updated soon to allow direct navigation from this Buffett Division's website to the websites of the other 14 Buffett sales divisions that may currently have positions available for hire. Each of the other Divisions of Buffett have a markedly different structure. These divisions may have less or different position requirements, product portfolios, and separate performance expectations than that of the Bufftett Exclusive Territory Preset Appointment Division (ETPAD) as portrayed on this website. Historically, they are best suitable for those that feel the ETPAD may not or is not a fit for them personally in regards to considering a career change.

Dallas, TX - Dallas Business Journal Press Release - May 10, 2017 (3 total):

BSH Approves Launch of More Zip-Lead Divisions since Opening Their First Only a Month Earlier

Market Watch Press Release

Seeking Alpha Business Market News

Richardson, TX, 2017 Yahoo Finance - 1st of 583rd journalists as of April, 20 2017:

Buffett Senior Healthcare® Opens New Zip-Lead Division

Wall Street Journal & Dallas Business Journal

The Four Zip-Lead Divisions of Buffett


"We will redefine the future of America's healthcare industry." 

- Interviewing for Full-Time & Part-Time for Outside Sales & inside Sales Divisions, industry-focused positions available for individuals seeking insurance or non-insurance healthcare sales 

Remaining positions offering the below list of Guarantees are limited – Serious Individuals Will Apply Direct via Phone Immediately! 

Call Direct: (614) 804-1228

Given the urgency we have to fill all of our approved remaining ground-floor positions in the new Buffett Senior Healthcare® Zip-Lead Division, we have committed to taking your calls from 7AM CDT to as late as 11PM CDT, Monday – Friday or until all positions are filled 


 1) Real Leads, Real Interest, Real Expectations, No Cold-Calling, NO TRICKS! 

LEAD ARE ALWAYS FREE - No lead charges ever!

Leads are created locally by Zip Code and made available to you less than 24 hours

All leads are recorded. (Recordings are furnished upon request).

Exclusive to one individual producer ONLY. Never shared with any other producer!

All customers expect to meet you within no more than 2 days

No travel required to run our leads (read below for specifics)

2) Sales Area – Zip Codes always exclusive to each producer 

All leads are made by zip code, within zip code (inter-zip code)

Leads are tailored to specific demographics within zip codes to ensure we are seeing the most ideal customer – We only want to see those that have the highest need for our products!

- You have access to our databases to determine you most preferred zip codes to ensure less windshield time and more SELLING time!

3) Primary Products

- Lump-Sum Cancer coverage

- Final Expense Life – Immediate, Graded, & Guarantee Issue

- Term-Life – all variants available

Dental insurance

Wholesale Prescription benefit plans (no price mark-ups!)

Dental, Vision, Hearing, Emergency Medical Transport

Premier Fitness Program

4) Benefit packages include:

- Medical Plan

- Dental Plan

- Vision Plan

- Prescription Drug Plan

- Short-Term and Long-Term Disability Plan

- Company Paid Life Insurance


Serious Individuals Will Apply Direct Via Phone Immediately

Call Direct: (614) 804-1228


- Interviewing for Full-Time & Part-Time, Inside & Outside available, divisions provided for Insurance Sales and Non-Insurance positions 

*Click to view latest press release Buffett Senior Healthcare® Opens New Zip-Lead Division

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