Buffett Senior Healthcare Corp. - Exclusive Territory Preset Appointment Division (ETPAD)

Until further notice, all new sales reps hired to the Exclusive Territory Preset Appointment Division (ETPAD) of Buffett Senior Healthcare Corp. (BSH) are GUARANTEED a minimum $75,000.00 first-year sales income. New hires must request a binding agreement from the company before starting a position to be applicable to this income guarantee.

This furthermore states that in the unlikely event an individual were to make under the minimum $75,000.00 sales income level by the end of their 1st year of active full-time field sales work, then Buffett Senior Healthcare® will reimburse the difference to them in one lump sum payment.*

*This guarantee ONLY applies to individuals that are hired into this specific sales division of BSH. The other 14 sales divisions of Buffett Senior Healthcare Corp. are not eligible for this income guarantee. 


Are you ready to become a REAL CHAMPION & get WELL PAID @ the same time?!!!

If your answer is "YES", then "Buffett Senior Healthcare®" might be your DREAM COMPANY!!!

ATTENTION: For this Division of Buffett Senior Healthcare Corp., it is imperative that you read this website in its entirety to avoid the phenomenon of "selective reading", thus leading to confusion regarding the requirements of the position. Doing this will make your interview process much more meaningful to you, as not doing this will likely disqualify you from being offered a position.

We Are Buffett Senior Healthcare



  • Prospective customer responds via internet with interest in our type of services and/or receives information by mail regarding our type of services. 

  • Prospective customer is called by your company and sets an appointment for you to see them the next day knowing your first and last name, what you are providing, what time you will be at their home the following day, and is qualified to purchase at least one of our products.

  • Prospective customer is again called back within 30 minutes by a supervisor for verification. This call is to verify the accuracy of all of the above and confirm their interest in our services, that the prospect still wants to keep their appointment with you, their age, name, health, time of appointment, prospect's address (including directions). They again re-confirm that they understand who you are and what you will be providing them the next day when you arrive for their appointment.

  • Prior to posting your appointment to your account, the recordings of both calls are then disseminated to a Quality Assurance Department whose only job is to listen to all that was said during the setting and verification calls of the appointment to ensure it is of the highest practical quality.

  • Every evening you log into your account, provide your password, and see your entire day is fully planned for you to go out, sell your appointments, and make money!

Ready to Proceed?

If you answered, "yes", to all of the above 8 questions, then you are interested in Buffett Senior Healthcare® (BSH). However, to even be considered for a position as described in this website, it is imperative that you read the remainder of this website in full detail to not waste your time or our time. A position with our organization in this particular BSH Division is NOT for everyone. We reserve our sales associate positions for only the right people... and that may NOT be you!

Not quite certain yet if you are fit for our Division of Buffett Senior Healthcare Corp.? Join our Talent Network and compare other career opportunities in your area to what our Exclusive Territory Preset Appointment Division (ETPAD) of Buffett offers.


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